yo yo holiday lu ..

Finally the exam is over ..
Phew .. I was really relax and spending my sweet time with my sister and brothers ...
Apart of the result, I am really happy for done my last exam in TARC (if no accident) ..
This exam honestly really make me so suffer ..
I study when I come back from my CNY ..
And spend most of my CNY time to study study and study ..
and really so tension ..
But finally it is over .. yeah ...

But, after spending two days of relax ..
I think is my time to hunting for some part time in this 3 months holidays...
For those who have any nice job, please give me a call ya .. Thx a lot hehe ...
And I am having holiday, can call me for some drinks too ...

Other than job, I must exercise more in this three months ..
I am really eat too much during exam and CNY time ..
Everytime during exam, I will easily feel hungry and finally gain a big tummy ..

Anyway, I must fully enjoy and utilize my holiday yeah yeah ^^


Hot On说…
SeTH BeaR说…
you deserve a good rest
take it slow
relax your mind and body
most importantly enjoy your time with family and friends
glad to heard that you enjoy your holiday :)

continue enjoy your life ya ^^
congratulations for finishing ur studies already! tougher life awaits you ahead, 加油



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