valentine's day

Now is Valentine ..
Valentine's day is always related to romance and happiness especially for those who are in a relationship like me ..
But .. be honest ..
I don like Valentine's Day ..
Is a day with disappointment ..
One of friend told me Valentine is a lonely day for those who are single ..
But .. is that true??
Sometimes, I was thinking that Valentine's Day will make those people who in a relationship become more lonely than others especially the lovely partner have done nothing or forget about the day ..
I am still remember the previous year ..
Valentine's Day is so sweet when I am not in a relationship ..
Now, everything has been changed .. my status .. my feeling towards valentine ..
But, I never blame or complaint because he is really a good guy but just not a romantic guy ...
Being with him, everyday can be my valentine's day ..

And I am working on Valentine's Day ...
so good .. when i am working, I can telling myself I need to work and no time for Valentine ..
Is a good way for me to have my valentine's day ^^

Anyway, wish everyone in the world ..
"" Happy Valentine's Day"""
"""Appreciate every lovely moment being with him/her .."""

***The best valentine's day for me, is being with him all the day .. that is already more than enough but .......... is ok .. ******************


SeTH BeaR说…
Ms. Valentine, why do you mock the lonely?
Does your scorns satisfy you successively?
I see greater light in what appears gloomy;
It is not you remind us to love on this very day;
You remind us that this day is the same as any other days, if we cherish the ones we love.
no matter what, still wish you have a happy day ya :)
Sara Ng说…
My dear, it doesn't really matter whether how people celebrate their Valentine..No one is perfect in this world..Most importantly, he loves u.. that is more than enough.. have a nice day!! Muacksss
As long as can stay together, that is the best celebration!



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