end of my holiday ^^

My holiday is end ..
Actually I have 3months of holiday ..
But I decide to work part time and end my lovely holiday ..
These few days I am really happy ..
I gather with some old friends chit chat with them at Starbucks,
go movie with them and we even go fun faIr .. and I won myself a cutie tweety (is big size one) ..
so so happy .. wakakkaka..

When I go back KL, I meet other college friends too ..
We go bar to have a drink and playing some games ..
so so so happy ..

Anyway, I need to start to work tomorrow onwards ..
But I believe working is another kind of happiness too ..
Can earn some living expenses and also learning something new ..
is challenging but is good experience i think ..

Anyway, I need a lot a lot of part time job ..
If anyone of you need any part-timer, please contact me wor .. ^^

yeah year 2009 ..
a good year for me ^^




My 22nd Birthday