My recently life ..

Previously, I got no time .. I only sleep few hours per day .. i always deserve more time for myself to rest or work or study ..
Now, I got plenty of time .. and I started regret ...
Now, I only realize that I do need a lot of work work work ..
I cant stop .. I will easily feel boring ..
I need to find something to do at least ..
In previous day, I went for drink .. I went to swim .. I watch drama .. I go trip - Ipoh ( might upload the photo if I am having mood) .. I blogging .. I tidy up my room ..
But, these kind of things really cannot satisfied me ..
I need more ..
my life recently so meaningless ..
I need work .. I need to learn something new ..
I need to do something new .. I need to upgrade myself ..
In short, I think I need something to really push me ..
I getting older, I really worried my time will being wasted just like that ..

after few days relaxing ..
I think I need to inject something to myself again ..
Any idea that can let me fully utilize my holiday??


Hot On说…
do part time job~~

set up online business~~

do regular exercise~~

sign up a course and learn something which u never learn before or which you longed to learn~~



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