end of my holiday

Finally the CNY is over .. Actually there is another 8days for CNY but my holiday is end .. Because my final paper will be on this coming saturday which mean I need to start my revision ... Honestly, I have to apology to all my friends for my absent in certain activities .. As I am having my exam before CNY, I am really need a rest and I really want to spend most of my time with my family .. I prefer to stay at home .. I am really sorry .. But, I do really miss you all ^^

During the CNY, I am really have fun with kids - those cousin cousins.. Many of my aunts have just gave birth, so I am really enjoy to entertain with the babies and kids ... Being with them, I do really feel happy even though they always cry .. haha ..

Anyway I really miss my mum my daddy my home sweet home .. I miss sister and brothers miss the moment playing basketball and "guli" with them hehe .. Anyway, the holiday is end, and I have to get back to reality and start my revision ..

Yinyee, gambateh ^^


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SeTH BeaR说…
new year havent finish! happiness still going on ^^
holidays is end, but the new year celebration still continue...:P



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