my life at UK ^^

=photo taken at 5th June 2009=
Finally, I reach Sheffield, UK. It takes around 14hours to reach here. From KLIA, until DUBAI and when I really reach Manchester,UK. The feeling of me is really so exciting .. Cool .. Finally, I been here. The picture above is the photo we take at KLIA and Dubai Airport. Some of the photos is our breakfast on the flight. Be honest,me and my friends have a same feeling that we are always having breakfast as the different timezone.

Finally, we reach our hostel, the place we living.
For the first day, I do not like my room as the room is at the lowest floor, is not that convenient for me. In addition, the room is just opposite of the main door, everyone will pass by my room and get to see what am I doing in my room (if I din close my window well). Secondly, from the day I reached till last night, I have to bath with cold water is really cold water (like water with ice) as I do not really know how to adjust the heater. Thirdly, I feel so cold when I went out. Everyone is wearing sweater, wind-blocker jacket, glove and such accessories except me and I do really feel cold especially raining and strong wind. The weather here is still unpredictable but definitely is cold. But, I still cant get a place to purchase a jacket and glove, thus, every time when I went out, I just can put my hands inside my pocket. For the day we reached, we eat maggi only.

For the second day, we wake up around 9am and went to the nearest shop to purchase some stuff for cooking. After purchasing, we come back and tidy up the kitchen. Melissa and Abby are lucky as their kitchen is clean enough, but ours full with dirty dishes and the fridge is really so disgusting. But, finally me, sue and irene get to tidy up everything and we got a beautiful kitchen. WOW.. After tidy up, we went out again to purchase something to cook. For second day, Sue cook spaghetti as our dinner.

=photo taken on7th June 2009=
For 3rd day, everything getting smooth and under control. At least I can online and finally I get to adjust the heater and bath happily. In addition, I started adapt my room and started enjoy my life here. This morning, 3 of us started adventure trying to walk a bit far and we get to purchase some other materials that is not provided at first store. But today is only 10celcius so cool .. And the this morning and afternoon we only eat bread. But dinner, we cook ABC soup and vege .. so warm and so delicious hehe ..

=photo taken on 8th June 2009=
8th June 2009, is my first day to visit my school. Basically, today have no class. Just some briefing from our lecturer, and seniors. Seniors will show us the way of our class room and lecturer hall. In addition, there is some activities or club is actually offering them to new students. As the schedule for that day is quite rush, therefore, the pics taken is not that much. And, the dinner for that day is porridge. So so so delicious .. hehe .. ^^

to be continue ......


wow...u are in gud...
wish to go there for holiday pls drop from the sky....

p/s: i saw Audi R8