My 22nd Birthday

I am having my 22nd birthday at Sheffield, UK.
Wah .. I am really so surprise that my buddies will do the birthday big big meal for me ..
And I never realize they are actually running their "planning" ..
I am so so dumb ..
Some more, I feel I being isolated and like everything also blur blur like that ..
I am really so sorry for showing my bad moody face to you all ..

After class, I come back and sleep as I do really feel tire ..
Suddenly, Sue knocked my door ..

-- Knock Knock --
" Yin Yee, wake up , our milk is being stolen again !!", said Sue.
"What, stole our stuff agaiN .. F***"
And, I wake up angrily and rush to the kitchen and see what happening again ..
When I went to the kitchen and see ......
I see the table in kitchen is fulled of food.
And ..
" Happy Birthday, yin yee^^"
I was so shocked yet surprised, and I know I being fooled by Sue hehe ...
Wah really surprise ..
When I went to the kitchen, I saw plenty of food ..
They all are actually celebrating my birthday .. wow ..
And when they tell me how they run their plan,
I am really appreciate and feel very very touched.

Hey girls, I am really so happy ..
I am so glad that get to know you all ..

Thanks for the big surprise and big big birthday meal ^^
Thanks for being my side even I am a bad temper girl..
Girls,there is no gift as precious as a true friends like you all ..
Thanks, muackz =)

== Friendship Forever ==