9th June 2009

This is the picture we took at 9th June 2009. This is the most happiest day for me from the beginning day till now. it is simply because finally we get to take a picture that 5 of us also inside. yeah yeah .. We went quite a lot of places that day, and keep taking picture. Anyway, it is so happy and great .. Sheffield is really a nice place, the people here are very friendly and helpful. the building here is so unique and nice, totally is different with Malaysia. The summer here, the flower is so beautiful and the city is so so nice.. I love Sheffield .. I love the weather here also .. And, I love to take picture that 5 of us are inside .. ^^ Is really so great that FINALLY we get to take 5 ppl pics .. hehe ..

who is the 5? Melisa, Sue, Irene, Abby and also me of course .. =)