Where should I start

Now only I realize that I have another 7days to prepare my last final exam in TARC .. But where should I start ... Every time when I sitting in front of my table open up the books and notes, I feel lost and I don't know where to start ... Once I open and start reading, I found there are some difficulties to continue, I have insufficient of reference ..

But, these few days, I am trying to ask some of my friends how was their revision and how they actually start .. I found most of them start with another subject .. So I was thinking to change my revision strategy and start with the second paper - IMC .. This subject is much more interesting i think .. And suitable to use for warm up before I went to the really tough paper ..

Hopefully my plan is going to work and don't die half way again ..

I have no much time to re-plan and re-plan ..

yinyee .. aza aza fighting =)


SeTH BeaR说…
The End is near le~
Finally you can see the end le



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