exam fever

My exam will be started few more days later .. But, am I starting my revision yet? Nope .. I do not know what happened on me .. Every time before exam, I will having fever or headache and cannot really concentrate to start my revision .. Honestly, this is my last exam for my advanced diploma and I really wish I can do my best .. the best of mine .. I really wish I can achieve what I want ..

I am giving me too much of excuse and spend too much of time on relax .. I am lazy I am sick and I will start my revision tomorrow after today .. But am I starting the next day ? Nope ..

But, I do really regret now and I will do my revision once I finished my blog today .. I do not want regret after exam .. No matter how was the result of my exam, at least I do try my best .. the best of mine ..

Yinyee, challenge yourself .. challenge the devil in your mind .. add oil .. =)

Wish me and all my friends that are having exam best of luck and all the best ..


SeTH BeaR说…
Be reminded of your goals;
Be reminded of your will;
For to achieve them, sacrifice in inevitable;
For to complete them, motivation must be undeniable.

We lose our drive somewhere along the line;
Remembering it is what keeps us in line;
Pursue the dream that you can say "that's mine";
Attain the achievement that you feel "its worth all the time".



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